Education Pack

This is a work in progress, which will be trialled in autumn 2014. If you teach at a school which would like to trial the pack, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What makes an effective campaigning organisation?

This education pack is designed to be used as part of an off-timetable day, but could equally be spread across a month of form periods. It is cross-curricular, with a primary focus on citizenship, but a strong secondary focus on history, and tertiary focuses on English, art, design and technology, and potentially other subject areas.

The pack is designed with five one-hour lessons in mind:

Introduction PDF download

Lesson 1: When is it appropriate to campaign on issues that mainly affect people in other countries? PDF download

Sorting framework PDF download

Character cards PDF download

Arguments against getting involved PDF download

Lesson 2: Why was the British Anti-Apartheid Movement set up and how did it campaign? PDF download



What was Apartheid? PDF download

Luthuli quotation PDF download

Children of Soweto PDF download 

South African request for an international boycott PDF download

Why boycott? Fruits of Fear clip PDF download

How to run a boycott PDF download

Boycott leaflet PDF download

Tesco leaflet PDF download

Barclays leaflet PDF download

Political prisoners leaflet PDF download

Mandela concert clip YouTube link

Free Mandela leaflet PDF download

Examples of anti-apartheid campaign materials

T-shirts PDF download

Badges PDF download

Leaflets PDF download

Posters PDF download

Other campaign goods PDF download

Lesson 3: What core themes and messages should our own pressure group promote? PDF download

Setting up a pressure group PDF download

Diary of making PDF download

Campaign publicity:

Co-ordination PDF download

Liaising with partners PDF download

Online presence PDF download

T-shirts PDF download and related archive records (search for ‘T-shirt’)

Leaflets PDF download 

Posters PDF download and related archive records (search for ‘poster’)

Demonstrations PDF download 

Advertisements PDF download

Lesson 4: What are the most effective ways of spreading our message?  PDF download

Lesson 5: What do effective pressure groups have in common? PDF download

Evaluation sheet PDF download

Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA)

Amnesty International

Anti-Slavery International

Minority Rights Group