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tsh01. Free all Namibian & South African political prisoners

This T-shirt was produced in several colours, including turquoise and deep pink.

tsh02. South Africa Freedom Now!
tsh03. Nelson Mandela Freedom at 70
tsh04. ‘They are meeting again at home’
tsh05. ‘Elephant with its baby’
tsh06. Viva! Nelson Mandela
tsh07. The Freedom Run

From the late 1980s the AAM held an annual sponsored Freedom Run in Brockwell Park, Brixton. This T-shirt advertises the event held in 1990.

tsh08. Boycott South African Goods
tsh09. Solidarity with the Women of Angola

T-shirt produced by AA Enterprises for the March 1988 Month of Action in solidarity with the frontline states, organised by the AAM. Royalties from the T-shirt were given to the Organisation of Angolan Women (OMA) as part of AA Enterprises policy of building trade with the frontline states.

tsh10. Mozambique A Luta Continua
tsh11. Namibia 1990 history is made by the people
tsh12. Support the Frontline States: Trade against Apartheid
tsh13. Boycott Apartheid
tsh14. Freedom from Apartheid: Support the Frontline States
tsh15. Isolate Apartheid! Support the Frontline States

This was AA Enterprises’ best-selling T-shirt. The same design was used on a tea towel, wrapping paper and mug. 

tsh16. Solidarity with the Workers of South Africa + Namibia
tsh17. Viva the Women of Southern Africa!
tsh18. Sanction South Africa
tsh19. Boycott Apartheid Produce
tsh20. Boycott Apartheid Produce
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