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bdg01. AAM badge

The Anti-Apartheid Movement’s badge was first worn by people protesting against the Sharpeville massacre outside South Africa House in March 1960. 

bdg02. Isolate South Africa. Fight Apartheid!

Badge produced for the the AAM’s campaign for the boycott of South African goods, relaunched by a fortnight of action, 16–30 June 1980. 

bdg03. SWAPO
bdg04. AAM women’s badge

The AAM Women’s Committee produced this badge soon after its formation in the summer of 1980. 

bdg05. ANC Says Sanctions Now!
bdg06. Stop Oil Supplies to South Africa

Maritime trade unions from around the world agreed to take direct action against ships supplying oil to South Africa at a conference in London on 30–31 October 1985. The conference was sponsored by the UN Special Committee Against Apartheid and organised by the British National Union of Seamen. This badge was produced as part of the initiative.

bdg07. ‘Mandela’

Wooden badge calling for the release of Nelson Mandela.

bdg08. End Military Collaboration with Apartheid
bdg09. Boycott Barclays
bdg10. UN435 Free Namibia Now

In 1978 the UN Security Council passed Resolution 435 setting out a plan for transition to Namibian independence. After ten years of negotiations between the Western Contact Group of five UN Security Council members and South Africa, agreement was reached on implementation of the plan in December 1988. Namibia held democratic elections in November 1989 and celebrated its independence on 21 March 1990.

bdg11. Rock the Botha Abolish Apartheid
bdg12. Votes x for Freedom
bdg13. Isolate South Africa! Sanctions Now!
bdg14. Free Nelson Mandela!
bdg15. South African flag

Metal badge reproducing the new South African flag adopted in 1994.

bdg16. SWAPO Will Win

Badge in the colours of the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO).

bdg17. Apartheid No Sanctions Yes
bdg18. Free the South African Railworkers

Four railway workers were sentenced to death after a strike by employees of the South African Transport Service in 1987. They were alleged to have taken part in the killing of four non-strikers. This badge was produced by the Joint Campaign against the Repression of Trade Unionists, set  up by the AAM and leading British trade unions to campaign for the release of South African trade unionists.

bdg19. EEC Anti-Apartheid badge

The Liaison Group of European Anti-Apartheid Movements was set up in 1988 to coordinate initiatives to press the European Economic Community to implement sanctions against South Africa. This badge was produced as a symbol of European anti-apartheid coordination.

bdg20. Twenty-five Years 1959–84

Badge marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

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